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Any decent online casino will offer you some kind of special bonus, but with many online casinos offering similar incentives you need to find one prepared to offer you a really good online casino bonus. Players would be wise to take time to research and ensure they have an understanding of the various forms of bonuses, and realize and exactly how they may benefit from them. As an example, you can have a glance at the present-day trend of welcome bonuses. Traditionally, a player will receive a welcome bonus which will at times also act as a match bonus. Not every online casino bonus is granted in a single deposit. As a method of protecting against fraud, casinos currently have a fool proof method to ensure welcome bonuses are distributed to players in a way that leaves both the casino and its players happy.

The vast majority of online casinos provide you with the welcome bonus in several deposits, and some casinos may have a requirement of as many as 20 deposits that may receive a welcome bonus. This all depends on the sum of money given as the welcome bonus. As an example we can take a look at William Hill Casino. By looking at the bonus information for this online casino you will see that the welcome bonus is currently set at $150 for your first deposit. Also offered is a high-rollers bonus which awards you up to $300, which is broken down into three different match bonuses. When you deposit $10 or more, you receive a 25% match bonus. If however you decide to deposit $150 you would receive a 100% match bonus, so as you can see the bonus ties directly into your deposit.

Once you have completed the online casino’s registration procedure, in most cases a stream of additional bonuses will be offered to you. One example of an additional online casino bonus would be what online casinos refer to as a “Preferred Transfer Method”, for example Roxy Palace Casino may prefer you to deposit funds using Neteller. In most cases the casino will pay lower fees on certain methods, so will naturally offer you incentives to use them; a 10% bonus would be considered a normal figure.

After the Alternative Fund transfer method online casino bonus, many casinos will offer you something they called a “Refer A Friend Bonus”. This is fairly self-explanatory, but all a player would need to do in this case is to enter their friends’ email addresses, and if they do sign up to the casino you will receive a certain sum of money into your account. Not all casinos offer this, but you can’t argue it is a great way for them to market themselves.

Finally, you have what is known as the VIP bonus. This is normally reserved for the privileged minority, but if you are in this lucky position you can look forward to club invitations and free accommodation amongst many other options. To keep you engaged, most online casinos will also offer various monthly bonuses. Some online casinos even offer bonuses just for playing online casino games with them for certain lengths of time, and I have definitely known of a few friends who have received bonuses on their birthday. If you keep informed on all these online casino bonuses, then you have the potential to make a lot of money when playing your cards right.

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