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Rather than just having one location which you can visit in Goa, what you will find interesting about the Casino Carnival is that there are actually two places in which you can visit the same brand. The first one is a riverboat on the Mandovi in a fashionable craft with four decks, while the second is inside the Goa Marriott hotel and adjacent to the Mirama beach, with the largest selection of slot machines in all of Goa. This is a great way to start gambling in Goa as it gives you the option to experience both onshore and offshore gaming from the same brand, so that you can really see which one you prefer from a consistent starting point.

We will start off by looking at the riverboat, since if you are coming to Goa you really have to try at least one of them in the Mandovi river to see what it is all about. This incarnation of the Casino Carnival features twenty seven table games spread over two floors of gambling space, so there is plenty of room to move around and you will not at all feel cramped. There are VIP tables available in a separate room for high rollers, and there is also live entertainment to be enjoyed every night on both the main gambling floor and the open air deck, which is included free in your entry fee. You will pay around one thousand five hundred rupees per person in order to come on board, which of course accounts for the casino entrance tax which must be paid in India as well as an unlimited buffet dinner to make sure you are never hungry, snacks served at the tables if you do not want to miss a game, house brand alcohol served whenever you want it, and all of the features of the glamorous riverboat itself. You can dress in a smart casual manner in order to be sure that you can get entry into the casino, and you will find plenty of great games on offer which includes American roulette, poker, blackjack, and a portfolio of slot machines which is updated regularly. If you want to take a look at what exactly is on offer in terms of the exact titles, they offer leaflets on this subject which can be downloaded from their website, as well as details of how to contact them in order to learn more.

As for the land based venue, this has another set of things on offer entirely, although there is not too much of a difference in the way that it is all presented. At the Goa Marriott Resort and Spa Casino Carnival has a reputation for being the friendliest casino in Goa as well as the one which is the most suitable for families, so that if you are coming down for a family holiday you can all still enjoy the things that you appreciate the most. Situated right by the Arabian sea, it has a huge amount of slot machine games which is sure to give you the chance to enjoy all of the facilities which you prefer. While you are here you can try out blackjack, baccarat, roulette, Carnival hold ‘em which is based on the Texas game, the original Texas hold ‘em format, three card poker, and Carnival stud poker which is similar to five card stud. Of course, entertainment is possible at both venues, but on the boat it is particularly noteworthy and this is what we can direct our attention to first. The main gaming floor offers a plush sofa bar area where you can enjoy a drink while taking in some great acts, including “Shaam-e-Mehfil” with Ghazal King Subhan Shah for Hindi Ghazal, Mehfil songs, and evergreen melodies; “Relish the Hindi Masala with Kutumb” which features the latest Bollywood songs as well as retro offerings; “Sway to the Tunes of Lehrein” which has the same kind of style; “Groove and Hop to the Queen of Pop – Meramar” for English language retro music as well as newer pop and rock songs; “Swing with Denzil and Trisca” for Goan, English, and Bollywood songs from the modern charts; and “Chak de with Music Matra” which features the latest Bollywood and Punjabi music.

It is clear that there is a lot going on here and that it is set up to suit any tastes, and you can get a lot of fun out of visiting whichever of the Casino Carnival venues you choose. In case you are wondering about how to get out to the casino boat, there are safe and comfortable feeder boats which will do the job from the jetty; you can also experience some great things there such as the Clubs Card Room on the River poker room, the Samba restaurant and dining area, the Ribbons souvenir and merchandise outlet, and of course the open air deck which gives you the chance to take a breather if you need to. Some of the more popular slot games which you can expect to find include Cash Fever Jackpots, Super Dragon Jackpots, and King Kong Cash, as well as other electronic games such as Game King Poker. Make sure that you check out everything that is on offer while you are here, as the boat is open twenty four hours a day and so there is no need to rush around it all. You can just take your time!

One of the great benefits of choosing to play with the Casino Carnival brand is that once you have visited one, you will know what to expect from the other, which may allow you to be sure of having a great time no matter which venue you go to. This will really help you to enjoy yourself to the utmost, and you also have the added benefit of being able to stay at the hotel if the night draws on and you find that you are having too much fun to leave.

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