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There is a great floating casino in Goa which you can find in the Mandovi river, and which has a lot to offer – especially if you do not want to pay top price for entry fees as you would do elsewhere. The Casino Pride is a fantastic example of the kind of casinos that Goa has to offer, and with an experienced management team in place (they also own three land based casinos in the area: the Casino Pearl at Bogmallo, Casino Palms at Baga, and Casino Paradise at Pororvim, all of which have proven to be popular with both locals and tourists alike), you can be sure that any time that you spend here is going to be fantastic from start to finish.

There are three floors to this great floating venue, with a casino floor as one of them and another taken up by the Weather Deck. This is one of the main and most favoured features of the Casino Pride as it is a real joy to behold with great decor and atmosphere, and it is perfect for those who are thinking about holding a big party as it holds ten thousand square feet of space in all. There are around forty table games and plenty of slot machines on the casino floor, and if you want to make sure that your children are happily occupied and safe during a visit in the day time then you can take them to the Kid’s Zone, which they will enjoy so much that they do not want to leave. The offerings here include the latest computer games as well as lots of state of the art playing equipment. The whole casino and boat is open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, which means that you can arrive to start playing at any time that you like and stay until you decide that you are ready to go home, or back to whichever local hotel you may be staying in. If you want to make a real night of it you can get dressed up and attend the live entertainment which takes place every night between 9pm and 11pm, but if you do not want to make a big scene out of it then you do not have to do so either as the dress code here is just smart casual. This means that so long as you avoid shorts, sleeveless shirts, and flip flops or chappals, you will be able to wear whatever is comfortable for you.

There are of course plenty of different types of games available on the casino floor. You can expect to be able to take in roulette, baccarat, casino war, five card poker, Texas hold ‘em poker, Andar Bahar, Paplu or rummy, mini Flush, and Flush during a typical visit to the Casino Pride, as well of course as plenty of great slot machine games. The decor on the casino floor is fantastic, with a gold pillared ceiling which reflects light back over the games and means that there are no shadows or bright glaring lights but just an even and glittering illumination which really suits the atmosphere. More than five hundred guests at a time can be present in the casino and take part in the games with no difficulty, which really shows the scale of this boat and what it has to offer! The other facilities which you can find on board include a restaurant which serves up multiple different types of cuisine to make sure that everyone has something that will suit their tastes, a well stocked bar on each floor so that you are never very far away from refreshments, and a barbecue on the Weather Deck which will give you another option when you start to feel peckish. You can also take trips to the mainland on the latest speed boats so that you can really travel in style, though with everything that is on offer here you may well feel like you do not want to leave at all, especially with the chance to soak up the sun in Goa in general as well!

The entry fees are quite simple and come with a lot of benefits here, which means that you are sure to get a lot out of them. If you would like to come to Casino Pride on any day from Monday to Thursday then the entry fee is one thousand rupees, but you will also get a one time Play Coupon which is worth five hundred rupees; if you come on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday instead then you will be able to spend one thousand five hundred rupees and get a play coupon which is worth one thousand. The ticket fee includes entry to the riverboat, unlimited food on the buffet so that you can get as much food to eat as you like, unlimited drinks from the house brands so that you are always feeling refreshed, snacks brought directly to you while you are playing the table games, and the live entertainment, as well as the Kids Zones which are free to enter for anyone who is in the right age group. This really gives you a lot to enjoy, and since there is no closing time there is also no limit on how long you can stay for, so long as you can take the pace!

Really there is a lot to be said in favour of the Casino Pride, and you can also find special events taking place there on a regular basis which you will be able to find out about beforehand by looking on the internet. These may include such things as tournaments and championships for particular games, draws or raffles which you can enter by playing the games, tombola events and galas, happy hours, and much more. In short, there is a lot to enjoy at this great gambling destination located in an easy to find dock on the Mandovi river!

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