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The largest floating casino in the River Mandovi, which also happens to be the most popular, is without any doubt the impressive Casino Royale. This classy casino boat is a huge structure which consists of five decks, and three floors of those are dedicated to the gaming areas. This results in a casino floor which measures more than twelve thousand square feet despite the fact of being location on a boat, and there are more than fifty table games as well as thirty slot machines on board – as well as the chance to take part in top level tournaments if you have a bit of that competitive spirit inside you.

Panjim is a great area for gambling because of the presence of the Mandovi, which houses all of the riverboat casinos in Goa, and it has to be said that without a doubt the Casino Royale is the most grand and majestic of all of them. There is of course an entrance fee, but this is very reasonable: between Mondays and Thursdays you can expect to pay from around one thousand five hundred rupees per person, and this goes up to two thousand rupees on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This may seem like a large amount, but in fact the price includes a lot of great facilities and features: you will have an allotment of playing chips given to you so that you can start to play without changing up any more money, and you can get unlimited food and drinks while you are on board to ensure that you are always fully refreshed without having to pay more. You can also get access to the live entertainment for free, which just adds to the package which is provided! This entertainment starts from 8pm every day with dinner starting to be served at 8.30pm, which is a great way to spend the evening – and you can actually come down to play whenever you would like to, because the riverboat is open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, and the casino floor itself never closes either. This gives you the perfect chance to arrive when it is convenient for you, to stay for as long as you like, and leave whenever too, unlike other riverboat casinos in other countries which have strict opening and closing times which you must adhere to.

The dress code is simply smart casual and so there is no need to be dressed up to the nines if you want to have just a casual night of play; the only things that the Casino Royale management advise against wearing are shorts and sleeveless shirts, as well as flip flops or chappals on your feet. Go for trousers or jeans (or skirts or a dress for the women), and a shirt or t-shirt, and you will be fine. If you want to dress up in order to make an occasion out of your visit, however, then this is fine as well! You can play a wide range of different games once you are on board, such as Texas hold ‘em poker, Indian flush, mini flush, American roulette, blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, Money Wheel, casino war, pontoon, and of course the slot machines which cover a variety of genres and themes for you to enjoy no matter what your tastes are. The entertainment at this venue is serious, too; rather than the normal club singers you might expect to find propping up a tired looking stage on most riverboats, here you will find a state of the art area which is frequented by a whole host of stars, with a packed entertainment calendar which you can view online before you visit in order to get a glimpse of what you can enjoy. You can watch all kinds of shows and performers, and previous examples have included the African Acrobats troupe, the Bharat Ki Shaan finalist Osma Noor, Indian Idol finalist Pinky Maidasani, and Amit Mishra. There really is a big mix of talent on offer here just for your entertainment while you play or take a break to have some drinks and relax!

If it is tournaments that you are after, you will find that they are held on a regular basis as poker clubs are allowed to hold their own there as well as tournaments which are put on by the management of the casino itself. One such example is the Casino Royale Cup, a bi-annual tournament which attracts some of the best players in the country and has both freeze out and High Roller options for you to try depending on what you think your skill level may be. Early bird benefits for booking your place in these tournaments can include complimentary stay at serviced apartments nearby so that you have somewhere to rest during the games, so there is a huge amount of benefit attached to these competitions as well as a lot of prestige. You could also take part in the Deltin Royale Cup, which is one of their newest offerings and is starting to attract a lot of attention after the inaugural event took place to great acclaim. Whether you wish to just play by yourself for a quiet evening or really compete and take part in some great battles, there is something for you at this floating casino venue.

When it comes to summing it all up it may not be so simple, but it is easy to see that there is a lot of entertainment on offer at the Casino Royale in many forms as well as just some genuinely great chances to gamble. Those who have never been to Goa before may find the floating element of the casinos to be a great novelty which can really be enjoyed, and the casino enjoys a lot of prestige, such as having received a Certificate of Excellence in 2012 from Trip Advisor to prove they have a set of great offerings.

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