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One of the names that might stand out to you when you are browsing the list of the land based casinos in Goa is the Crown Casino, which is one of the latest additions to the gambling industry in India and as such has a lot to offer for anyone who wishes to play there. It is owned and managed by SOL Entertainment Pvt Ltd rather than being one of the Crown casino chain which you may recognise from their base in Australia, but they do still have a high level of quality which you are sure to admire from the moment that you arrive.

There is an award winning five star hotel resort which has the claim to fame of being the home of the Crown Casino, and you can look out from the glass walls of the gambling floor in order to see a panoramic view of the Manodovi River and the surrounding area, which makes this a really picturesque setting and really quite different to many venues that you will have been in before. It is certainly unique in Goa! There are a range of table games on the gambling floor for you to try out, such as roulette, blackjack, three card poker, baccarat, and ultimate Texas hold ‘em, so you can take your pick of a wide range of options which are sure to interest you no matter what your tastes are. There is also IGT’s video poker machines to try out, a Wheel of Fortune game, and a range of popular slot machine games that include titles such as Double Diamond and Lucky 7. In other words, there is plenty to be enjoyed here, and this means that you can really get the most out of your stay by having fun on the casino floor every single time that you visit and no matter how long you stay for. The company here is quite responsible in terms of giving back to the local area, which is another factor which might influence your decision to choose them – they only employ Goans from the local area, rather than recruiting out of state, which means that the locals are very happy with this casino and many of them have found the chance to get new employment within it. That makes it a good choice in the eyes of many!

As if this was not enough, there are actually a lot of incentives for those who choose to play all of their casino games at the Crown Casino rather than elsewhere on the river. You can move up through levels of status if you are a regular player here or even if you are just a high roller; they have a credits system in which you can earn points for playing the games, and the more points that you earn within one calendar year the better your rewards may be. If you get up to four thousand credits then you can be invited to join the silver level players’ club, and so forth, with the other levels being gold and platinum. The kinds of bonuses that you can earn through this system include free tickets to Inox for you and a guest at any time, comp offers, a free airport transfer, ten per cent off at certain gift shops in Goa, a discount at the Crown Lounge on site, discount hotel packages, special birthday offers, exclusive gifts, free poker tournament entry, free passes to various attractions around India, discount packages to other countries, priority service at certain restaurants, invitations to certain events and tournaments at other casinos, and even an annual celebration dinner if you are really a regular player. These bonuses could certainly stand you in good stead, so if you are going to visit Goa a few times during the year it might be worth going here just to take advantage of the fact that they will remember you and carry on giving you more benefits every time that you come down to play with them. There are plenty of events which anyone can take part in too, so just take a look at their events calendar in order to see the details of everything that is coming up in order to see if there is anything that you might be able to take part in during your visit.

There are some great packages which are available here too, which will allow you to make your time as a player at the Crown Casino more comfortable and indeed to get more value for your cash, no matter how much you are planning on putting down. For example, they have a package which will include two nights and three days at the five star Crown Goa hotel which is attached to the casino, including complimentary breakfast and dinner, as well as some casino credits, all by booking in advance with that certain offer. Another of their packages is similar but runs for three nights and four days, so that you get to stay for a bit longer. You can of course find all of the details about the packages which they are currently running, including prices, if you take the time to go to their website and have a look at what is on offer there. Be sure to check it out whenever you are thinking about going there in case you can save yourself a bit of cash to start the trip with!

They are a good quality resort even if they are among the newer ones, and so it is safe to say that we can recommend the Crown Casino to anyone who is thinking about staying in Goa for a short while and wants to play while they are there. Do not forget that there are all of the facilities and amenities which the hotel can provide as well if you are planning on being a guest there, so be sure to take a look at those if you are still looking for somewhere to stay while you plan your visit.

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