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There are a lot of great casinos in Goa, and many of those that are based on the land rather than being in the Mandovi River are those which are based inside hotel resorts to make sure that guests are able to entertain themselves and have the best possible time during their stay. One of these is the Hacienda de Oro Casino, which is located at the Holiday Inn Resort in Cavelossim, and it is known as a gambler’s paradise for all of the attractions and entertainment that you can find there.

The name of the casino translates roughly to the House of Gold, and it has a Spanish name because of the unusual fact that it has a Mexican theme. This certainly makes the Hacienda de Oro Casino an absolutely unique attraction in Goa, and indeed that might be one of the reasons that you choose to visit it in the first place! There is a small selection of games here including a few table games and fifteen different slot machines, but it holds enough entertainment to sustain a variety of guests and you are sure to find that you can get hours of gambling fun here whether you are on your own or with friends. Alongside the tables, which include American roulette, and the slots, you can also find dice machines, as the aim in many casinos in India is to provide a very modern environment with all of the latest automated games. The dress code here is smart casual, so by no means do you need to dress up in all of your finery in order to attend – but do be careful not to try and walk in to the casino right after you have been in the pool in your swimming costume, or to wear other casual gear such as shorts, vests, and flip flops. Other than that, the dress code is largely flexible, so just wear what feels comfortable to you so that you can focus on the gambling instead of on what you are wearing! The opening hours of the casino are from midday to midnight, so this gives you a good twelve hours of gambling opportunities every single day – and if you stay right until closing time, then you will have plenty of chances to get some rest and grab some food before you can go back into the casino again.

The hotel resort is based right on the Mobor Beach, which means that you are likely to want to go out and catch some sun during the day too – and there are expansive tropical gardens which run from the beach right the way up to the Hacienda de Oro Casino, so this may well start to feel a little bit like paradise when you arrive! There is a sense of colonial extravagance here which really gels well with the exotic surroundings, and the five star hotel of course has a lot to offer in terms of facilities for guests to enjoy. You do not have to be staying at the hotel in order to come into the casino, so you can think about where you would like to stay and whether this is it while you are organising your trip to Goa! Other attractions of the casino itself and the directly linked parts of the resort include three bars which you can drink at should you happen to get thirsty (one of which is in the casino itself), a Party Zone, a nightclub where you can dance the night away to the latest international music, meeting halls and conference rooms, a health club facility so that you can still keep fit and look after your body while you are here, and a kids park where you can ensure that the whole family is having a good time. Of course, there are also plenty of restaurants on offer so that you can get those much needed bites to eat as and when you decide to take a break from playing casino games to nourish yourself. They offer several different types of cuisine, so make sure that you take a look at what is on offer if you start to feel peckish!

The hotel resort itself is located about thirty eight kilometres from the airport in Goa, so you should be able to plan your journey between the two – and if you decide to stay at a different hotel instead, getting transport to the Hacienda de Oro Casino should not be difficult. There are two hundred and three rooms and suites at the Holiday Inn hotel, which means that there is always plenty of room, and you can be sure of what kind of quality to expect from them if you have ever encountered this international hotel chain before. The rooms mostly have attached balconies and offer your choice of garden views, sea views, or pool views, and they are open both for romantic retreats and family holidays, so you are sure to find something to suit you here. There is an activity zone to ensure that you always have something to do as well as a Spa Villa to help you to feel pampered and relaxed, and of course you can always spend the day at the pool if you would prefer to just take in the sun and enjoy the water that way.

You can eat at the Mardi Gras coffee shop which is open twenty four hours a day and is therefore perfect for a bite to eat after the Hacienda de Oro Casino closes, the Whispers of the Orient restaurant which serves up the ethnic flavours of the far East, or the Mediterranean style Fig & Olive. Then there are bars such as the Sun Downer which can offer a view of the sunset each night or the Beach Grill which offers a selection of freshly caught fish each day. You can organise events here too if you would like to do so.

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