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When I played my first online casino games I was simply blown away by what I was seeing, and I couldn’t believe that it was possible for them to be so awesome. Online casinos go to great lengths to ensure every single detail is perfect so that your online gambling experience is nothing short of fantastic. The software used at online casinos is thoroughly tested for fairness so you can always be sure that they are not rigged, ensuring online games are safe as well as being super fun.

What about the games themselves? Join us in taking a look at some of the most popular online casino games you are likely to encounter on your gambling journey.

Online Casino Baccarat


Baccarat is a three-player card game. The primary goal is to try and get a point 9 nearer to the banker or the house player. Baccarat is purely a game of luck, but it is really exciting to play. Did you know that it’s James Bond’s favorite casino game? If it’s good enough for 007 then it’s good enough for me.

Online Casino Blackjack


Blackjack requires absolutely no introduction because it is without contest one of the most popular casino card games in the world. The key to winning is to get a total number more than the house player but not to exceed 21. The strategies in blackjack are really simple, and once you learn them you can easily win on every hand. Take time to practice blackjack with the help of the free-play mode available at most top online casinos, so that when you do venture into a real money game you’ll be a master.

Online Casino Craps


Craps is one hell of a thrilling dice game. The idea is to guess the number that will be rolled out. There are a plethora of different betting options, so devising a betting strategy in this game is the key to winning.

Online Casino Roulette


Roulette is my personal stress buster. It’s exciting, and despite being really simply it keeps you well and truly on your toes. The goal of Roulette is to guess where the ball will drop in a numbered wheel. There are several variations, but the two most popular versions of the game are European roulette and American roulette.

Online Casino Poker


Poker is of course the most famous gambling game, and is by far the most social. Online poker allows you to play against people from all around the world, and language is never a problem because poker is always poker. You’ll need both luck and skill if you want to win at this game.

Online Casino Video Poker


Video poker is also extremely well known, and is especially popular online. If you like poker, but don’t want to rack your brains too much, then video poker is definitely for you. Who wants to sit through a grueling couple hours of poker anyway? If you are familiar with 5 Card Draw poker, then imagine an abridged version and you have the basic premise of Video poker.

Online Casino Keno


Keno is an ancient game where the player selects certain numbers on a ticket. The player is then rewarded based on how many of their selected numbers appear. Ever played Lotto? It’s exactly the same, so you should have no problems at all.

Online Casino Slots


And finally, slots are quite possibly the most famous of all. Slot machines really couldn’t be any easier; activate the paylines you want to bet on, place your bet, spin the reels, and keep your fingers crossed. That’s it! Victory is purely founded on luck, so you don’t have to think at all. Perfect for a casual gambling session after work!

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