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If you’re looking for a competitive edge on your casino India sports betting taking a deeper casino review of the Sports Betting Champ is a good idea. While John Morrison has been at it for years there is definitely a lot of garbage on the net about what’s true and untrue. Browsing his website you’ll hear about his PhD in statistics from Cornell University and how this has helped in the development of his product.

Whether he truly has a PhD in Statistics hasn’t been verified as far I can tell but he does bring some graduate level statistic approach to the Sports Betting Champ methodology. He boasts an outstanding winning percentage of 97% and a weekly income of $50K. We will get into how he calculates his winning percentage on sports bets a bit more.

The biggest question I had with his sports gambling program is “If you’re making so much a month using it. Why bother selling the Sports Betting Champ for a measly $200?” It seems to me that would just be a small price and could end up hurting his reputation in the field. Why does it help him if everyone knows his secrets? He puts that on the line from my perspective. From the amount of marketing seen on the Sports Betting Champ online he most likely can cover his butt on any gambling losses. If you’ve stumbled across his site with no previous knowledge you’re doing the right thing by checking out reviews. The promises of riches can be extremely tempting to make a quick purchase on a whim. It’s always a good idea to do your research beforehand.

When you do your research keep in mind many reviews are thrown together by scammers themselves to downgrade the product. Searching Google for Sports Betting Champ Scam or Sports Betting Champ Reviews reveals a whole host of them. If you read them carefully they are largely copies of each other and are designed to convince a skeptic to overcome any doubts and trust John Morrison’s gambling system. They typically offer no analytical foundation or research either. Another tactic by these scammers is to hang a dark cloud over John’s system in order to promote another sports betting system. This is VERY common. Interesting concept but it does happen online and not just with the John Morrison’s sports betting champ.

Sports Betting Champ’s Winning Percentage – Claim versus Reality

First off don’t let yourself believe all sports betting is a waste and there’s no money to be had. With the right research behind picks, experience and a bit of luck you can definitely bring in some cash. John claims he has a 97% win percentage. That’s quite an amazing claim and slightly hard to believe. Let’s see exactly how he’s calculating that:

The Sports Betting Champ uses a three-tiered betting structure where the winning percentage is not calculated on an individual bet. His system relies on betting three times and if you win one it’s considered a win overall. For instance, if you pick Team A over Team B and Team B wins you would re-pick Team A in their next game while doubling your bet. If they lose again you would double your bet and pick them a third time. If executed properly this can be a lucrative approach BUT can also be risky if you don’t have the experience on your side. Take a look at the Sports Betting Champ and the background on betting systems so you can build your knowledge a bit more. So while John Morrison’s Sports Betting Champ’s ACTUAL unit win percentage may not be 97% we have seen it hover around the 60-70% marks. This is also verified through multiple testimonials online that we’ve research. This is still a very high win percentage for industry standards. What we have seen is if you apply the Sports Betting Champ intelligently you can see rewards. He doesn’t provide a huge number of picks daily but expect more on the lines of a few picks a week. His system also includes the three major sports MLB, NFL and NBA.

The convenient thing about John’s system is he’ll send you the all picks that fall within the criteria of his statistical modeling for life. The pick(s) are sent to you via email the day before so you have plenty of time to place your bets.

Keep in Mind… The biggest thing with sports betting is to have

1) A carefully designed “winning” and proven strategy you can systematically follow.

2) Solid money management.

It’s not only important to have the strategy but you really need to make sure you manage your money efficiently because with any betting you can lose quite a bit quite fast. If you decide to use Sports Betting Champ you’re addressing the strategy aspect. Keeping these two keys in mind is what separates the winners versus the losers in sports betting. Sometimes betting systems are overly complicated and that’s another positive for the Sports Betting Champ from John Morrison. He does keep this fairly straight forward and simplistic for the average person. You don’t necessarily have to be from Cornell with PhD in statistics to use this program.

The final conclusion is if used properly the Sports Betting Champ can be an effective TOOL in betting on sporting events. The important thing is to understand it’s power and if you maintain a level head with your money you can see positive gains in the long run. Lastly, the fact it comes with a 60-day full money refund if you decide it’s not for you. So you can’t really go wrong with experimenting for yourself on a few bets and see if it helps your picks. If you’re lost for a strategy I’d give the Sports Betting Champ a thumbs up after my personal experience with it.

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